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In the current economy, margins dictate a make or break situation for many Next Generation Service Provider. The unique practices of Hirrun Technologies assist the Service Provider to compare and select the appropriate components for their business. With close relationships to leading suppliers and a reliable cost effective product line of their own Hirrun Technologies provides options to the Service Provider that no other company can.

Enhancements in Product Portfolio
The key to a sustainable business today is continuous product portfolio enhancement. This facet is often overlooked because of the lack of time and new product awareness. Hirrun Technologies and its ecosystem can assist in this endeavor, from brief feasibility studies to a complete product roll outs. Whatever the job, Hirrun takes pride in educating their clients and providing honest independent options for their clients.

Audit or Assist in Solution Selection
Sometimes a Next Generation Service Provider may need a second set of eyes to do due diligence on a vendor or product that is totally new to them. Hirrun Technologies can assist in this process by providing capacity planning ranging from simple vendor referrals to complete RFP process life cycle including writing RFPs, vendor interviews and negotiations.

OSS/BSS Architecture and Design
Lower margins pressure companies to reduced costs. Robust automation is one way to reduce costs. Hirrun Technologies and its ecosystem of developers can provide cost effective B2B, Billing and Operations integration to fully automate their clients back office systems. This reduces errors and improves scalability. Portals used are web services, web portals and most recently Interactive TV.

SLA Audit and Capacity Planning
Most Digital phone carriers these days provide their own reporting which may not always be accurate. Hirrun Technologies arms the Next Generation Service Provider with Tools and Services that gives them the ability to verify SLAs. In the even that the client is thinking of transitioning away from their current operator, Hirrun can assist then with audits on the current data and VoIP usage.

VoIP Training
Team members at Hirrun Technologies have a passion to share their knowledge and therefore are great trainers. Most Next Generation Service Providers are new to VoIP and wish to know more about it. Custom training is provided since not all clients are alike.

CLEC Services
A comprehensive tour of duty by Hirrun Technologies to assist the Next Generation Service Provider at every step from establishing State CLEC Certification to establishing calls on their very own phone numbers. Providers can either be actively involved in the process or hand over power of attorney to us to work on their behalf depending on state laws and LEC policies.

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